A few thoughts on being halfway through the decade

So the 2010s are half over, and I’m still not sure how exactly they’re different from the late 2000s. It’s been a mixed half-decade for me personally, with some bad times, but more hope lately. When the decade started, I was full of ideas about what to write, but I’ve gotten a lot less convinced that I’ve got interesting things to add to the conversation since then.

I’m not old enough to remember the 1960s, but I am old enough to remember when 50th anniversaries were about events from World War 2, so all those 50th anniversaries of events from the 1960s that we have in this decade kind of freak me out. We all get older, I guess.

However, as time passes, there’s something that I’m kind of wondering about. With the caveat that I know next to nothing about music- aren’t we long overdue to get some major new music style? We’re getting new songs and artists all the time, of course, but the major musical styles and genres seem to be basically the same as 20 years ago (except that techno is less big now). Twenty years ago, there were hip hop and techno, which hadn’t been around 40 years ago- but what do we have now that wasn’t around twenty years ago? What’s going on with that?

Going back to what I wrote at the start, what were the major developments setting this decade apart from the last years of the 2000s? Smartphones, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter were all around back in 2009. What else?

Anyway, Happy New Year, everyone!

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