There are some things that I’ve been thinking about in my head for a while, and perhaps I should write some of them down and put them up somewhere on the internet. If I start writing here regularly or semi-regularly, I’ll probably write mostly about politics. Politically, I’m mostly, but not reliably, left-wing. I’m very left-wing on economic issues; generally left-leaning on issues involving people’s private lives; kind of conservative, but in a weird and idiosyncratic way, on issues of crime and punishment; in favor of maintaining strong militaries but using them as little as possible on war and peace issues; against everyone on theory and philosophy issues; and pro-science, no matter from which direction science gets attacked. And I tend to think that on a depressingly large number of issues, the Left and the Right might both be right about why the other side’s approach won’t work.

When I’m not writing about politics, I may or may not write about things like history, science, technology, middlebrow entertainment, or general weirdness.

I’m also on Twitter as @raphaelptw and on Tumblr at Randomness from an Observer.

August 2013: Removed some older posts which are either outdated or with which I’m no longer that happy. Turns out I’m not that good at writing stuff often.


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